Osteria della Bullona is a restaurant that offers the flavors of traditional Milanese cuisine, and seasonal food.

It is located near the former Bullona train station, that inspired its name, in a dynamic area of Milan.

The name “osteria”, the Italian word for tavern, was chosen to recall the atmosphere of the old-style restaurants of Milan, transforming the classic concept of the tavern in something modern and new.

That is the reason why Osteria della Bullona can be considered as a reference point for all those who want to spend an evening sipping on a good glass of wine after an event at the theater, a night at the movies or with friends.

Milan, May 22,  2020


In compliance  with the laws, relating to the emergency prevention Covid-19

all Customers must use the mask when NOT sitting at the table and must keep a distance of a least 1 meter with other people.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Osteria della Bullona